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Square Cooler Bags

Our square or rectangular shaped cooler bags are very popular for seafood, dairy, ice cream and other similar products. The bags have a flat top with a zipper on three sides so they can be easily opened. They are strong and durable and can come in any shape and size. People re-use this style of bags for picnics, as lunch bags and for general shopping.


Insulated cooler bags can be one of the best brandable bags options because of their tendancy towards reuse. Barbecues, picnics and gatherings in the great outdoors are summers best friend and therefore the best friend of portable insulated bags and food eskies.

We can custom design a size and format to fit your product and business. From small and handy to large picnic bags or basket style insulated carriers, with various cooling capacities.

The external material on the cooler bags is up to you. Polypropylene in your selected brand colour or even canvas or jute for a more ecological and natural look and outcome.

Insulated cooler bags can be used for sales and retail, promotional giveaways, events and much more. Simply let us know what you need and when and we will help you choose the perfect insulated cooler bag for your brand.