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Hi, I’m Kelly and I’m the owner and manager of Platinum Bags.

Have you ever dreamed of a world free of plastic bags? I have, so I decided to do something about it. This was well before the ban on single-use plastic bags even came into existence.

Recognising the benefits of reusable bags for both the environment and businesses,  Platinum Bags was established in 2009. From the start, our mission was to supply great quality bags — and for over a decade, that’s precisely what we have been doing. We have proudly supplied bags to hundreds of brands and businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

Conference Promotional Bag

The rise of reusable, branded bagss

As a mum of three children, I know first-hand how the humble shopping bag often does double-duty as a library bag, picnic bag, swimming bag and so much more! It’s clear that brands and businesses of all sizes can gain valuable exposure by offering durable, reusable, stylish shopping bags to their customers. When your branded bag becomes someone’s go-to carrier, your name can reach an amazing number of people and places.
In addition to the marketing benefits of our bags, they also enable you to create a personal connection with your customers.

One-stop shop for promotional bags

From design to manufacture and distribution from our warehouse in Bibra Lake, WA, my team and I manage every aspect of production and supply. The end result is a hassle-free, seamless service where the final product is exactly what our customers wanted.

While our manufacturing partners are located overseas, we have a close relationship with them and know they have high standards in terms of their working environment and quality procedures.

Excellent customer service, excellent products

Platinum Bags’ track record for providing the right product at the right time is due to excellent customer service and a strong focus on quality. Our ongoing goal is to maintain our exceptional reputation for great products at competitive prices.

Working with organisations of all sizes

During our many years of operation, we’ve been privileged to work with clients large and small in Western Australia and nationwide. At Platinum Bags, we’ve designed and delivered wholesale branded bags for some of the nation’s best-loved brands, including major supermarkets and retailers. We’ve also partnered with government agencies, universities, schools, not-for-profit organisations and many small and medium businesses.

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To learn more about Platinum Bags, please contact us today. We would love to hear from you and help you find ways to meet your business, marketing and sustainability goals.

Kelly Moss
Platinum Bags