Platinum Bags is an established family owned business based in Perth, Western Australia.

We are one of Australia’s premium suppliers of tailor-made eco-friendly bags, across a range of materials and varying styles.

We largely promote the non-woven polypropylene (NWPP) fabric due to its overall benefits to the environment. Please refer to our ECO FACTS page for extra details on this type on fabric.

Over many years we have developed reliable supply options from various overseas countries, offering great quality and competitively priced products. We have rigorous quality control procedures both at the overseas manufacturers and at our warehouse/distribution centre in Bibra Lake.

Our expertise in this field means we have built up a large range of satisfied customers, all with their own tailor made products. We also have our own graphic designer who can assist with any graphic design needs you may have.
Platinum also specialises in a range of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers for the construction, mining and food industries.

We work with each individual client and our manufacturing partner to develop customised products that deliver solutions to each environment and application. Our manufacturing partner operates under the ISO-9000 quality system and uses independent testing to conform with all Australian Standard (AS-3668) specifications.

Providing the right product for your business through excellent quality and customer service is our goal.

Contact the team at Platinum to find out more about how we can assist your business.

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