Wholesale Reusable Bags

Wholesale reusable bags custom designed from a wide range of materials and save by purchasing in bulk.

Tote Bags

One of our most popular styles is the tote.  Cotton calico and non-woven polypropylene materials are the most popular. Perfect to carry brochures for a conference or meeting or to use as retail, gift bag or event.

Shopping Bags / Grocery Bags

Most popular in non-woven polypropylene, these are the bags you are most likely to see at your local supermarket.  The wide gussets and not too large, so they are not too heavy when filled with groceries, they are certainly best suited to supermarket and grocery environments.

Carry Bags

Small purchase carry bags are extremely versatile and can be adapted to suit any brand.  Prolific in the retail industry, they can range from branded paper bags to calico, string or even jute.

Beach Bags

A more luxurious size of bag, suited to larger products, giveaways or even for onsell, the beach bag is a popular style at a slightly higher cost.  usually recommended in a canvas or jute for additional weight and durability, but can also come in a quality cotton calico.

Green Waste Collection Bag

These bags were produced as extras for a number of local council orders. They are made from white woven polypropylene material and have the words “Green Waste Only” printed on them in green. They are in great condition and ideal for collecting, storing or transporting green waste, sand, mulch etc.
Details: 810mm High x 420mm Wide x 400mm Side Gussets. There are sturdy handles at both ends.
Price: $1.40 each + GST
Quantity Available: 800 (minimum purchase is 50 units)

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