Jute & Calico

Platinum Bags can supply high quality made to order jute and calico (cotton) bags.

Jute is one of the strongest of all natural fibres. It is biodegradable (deteriorates organically) and produces no toxic or harmful gases as by-products. Jute bags are very durable and can be recycled most effectively to reduce packaging waste and the use of plastic bags.

Calico originated from the city of Calicut (after which it is named) in India and is one of the oldest cottons available.

Calico is a fabric made from unbleached cotton, using a plain weave and a low thread count. The cotton is usually not fully processed and because it is not as dense as denim or canvas it is a relatively cheap environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags.

Your logo/artwork can be printed onto a jute or calico bag and, as the sturdy bag will be re-used for many years, your brand name will be seen over and over again.

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