Get your bags working for you!

So your order of fantastic bags featuring your business brand has just arrived. You have spent valuable time and money on these products so how do you make them start working for you?Whether you sell the bags or give them away (or a combination of both), have them displayed proudly in at least a couple of places. Customers might then see them as they are browsing through and then see them again as they come to pay for their goods. You want to get as many bags out there in the big wide world as they are conveying information about your goods or service and the more people that see them the better!

It might sound obvious but the most important thing you can do is to put the bags where your customers are going to see them! Having them hidden in boxes beneath the counter just ain’t going to work. For many business this will mean having them clearly visible at the checkout or cellar door counter.

If you have insulated cooler bags then display them next to the refrigerated goods. If you have a special offer such as “Make a purchase over $100 and receive a free gift bag” then make sure customers know this as they are looking as this may influence their final purchasing decisions.

Finally make sure your staff always offer your customers a bag when they are paying for their goods. If you give them away for free then customers always love to get a little extra something. If you charge for the bags, it is generally a very small extra cost that people will be happy to pay for something that looks good and they can use time and time again.